Development and Inspections
Schedules for Site Plan Review and One Stop Permit Meetings

Contact Information:
David Griffin

Site Plan Review Manager

P.O. Box 649
Marietta, GA 30061

Site Plan Review1One Stop Permit2
SPR Schedule 2021-9-30.pdf
SPR Schedule 2021-9-23.pdf
SPR Schedule 2021-9-2.pdf
SPR Schedule 2021-9-16.pdf
SPR Schedule 2021-8-5.pdf
SPR Schedule 2021-8-26.pdf
SPR Schedule 2021-8-19.pdf
SPR Schedule 2021-8-12.pdf
SPR Schedule 2021-7-29.pdf
SPR Schedule 2021-10-7.pdf
SPR Schedule 2021-10-21.pdf
SPR Schedule 2021-10-14.pdf
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1The information contained in these schedules could be subject to change during the plan review process.

2Projects placed on the One Stop schedule could be denied a permit if outstanding issues are identified at the meeting.