Development and Inspections
Schedules for Site Plan Review and One Stop Permit Meetings

Contact Information:
David Griffin

Site Plan Review Manager

P.O. Box 649
Marietta, GA 30061

Site Plan Review1One Stop Permit2
SPR Schedule 2018-08-23.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-08-16.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-08-09.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-08-02.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-07-26.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-07-19.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-07-12.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-07-05.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-06-28.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-06-21.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-06-14.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-06-07.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-05-31.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-05-24.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-05-17.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-05-10.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-05-03.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-04-26.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-04-19.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-04-12.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-04-05.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-03-29.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-03-22.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-03-15.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-03-08.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-03-01.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-02-22.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-02-15.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-02-08.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-02-01.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-01-25.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-01-18.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-01-11.pdf
SPR Schedule 2018-01-04.pdf
SPR Schedule 2017-12-21.pdf
SPR Schedule 2017-12-14.pdf
SPR Schedule 2017-12-07.pdf
SPR (pdf) Files for Website.lnk
1Stop Schedule 7-30-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 6-18-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 05-14-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 8-20-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 8-06-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 7-9-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 7-30-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 7-23-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 7-2-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 7-16-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 6-4-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 6-25-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 6-18-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 6-11-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 2018-01-22.pdf
1Stop Schedule 2018-01-16.pdf
1Stop Schedule 2018-01-08.pdf
1Stop Schedule 2017-12-11.pdf
1Stop Schedule 05-29-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 05-21-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 05-14-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 05-07-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 04-30-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 04-23-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 04-09-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 04-02-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 03-26-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 03-19-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 03-05-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 02-26-18.pdf
1Stop Schedule 02-12-18.pdf
1The information contained in these schedules could be subject to change during the plan review process.

2Projects placed on the One Stop schedule could be denied a permit if outstanding issues are identified at the meeting.